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If you are having an issue with your EdenPURE Heater please review the following steps in the attempt to resolve the problem and return your heater to peak efficiency once again. In most cases the following steps will resolve the problem.

Troubleshooting Guide
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Please Check the Filter First

The heater filter must be kept clean. A dirty filter will cause the unit to automatically shut down, blow cold air or not function correctly. Please refer to the product manual or follow the steps below for filter cleaning instructions.

If the Heater will not turn on
  • Make sure the power source is good. Plug in a lamp to see if it works correctly.
  • Make sure the master power switch/button is set to the “ON” position. (if applicable)
  • Try changing the mode to "High" if available when you are operating the heater in a room warmer than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The heater will not operate if the room temperature is too high.
  • Bring the heater inside to warm up for at least one hour before operating if it has been stored in a very cold environment.
  • Remember, it will take a few minutes for the heater to warm up. The fan will start to blow after the heater has warmed up.
If the fan blows cold air
  • Our heaters are designed to expel all heat whenever they go into a cool down mode i.e., when you power the unit off or once the room reaches the desired temperature.
  • Most of our heaters are designed to circulate air in your environment every few minutes even if your desired temperature has been reached. The cycle occurs approximately every three minutes for approximately 20 seconds.
If the product does not seem to be heating the room properly
  • Try placing the heater on an interior wall.
  • Are you operating the heater in conjunction with your furnace? Remember the heater is designed for supplemental zone heating.
  • How large is the room you’re attempting to heat? These heaters are intended to be supplemental heat for up to a 1000 sq ft. room with 8ft ceilings. (Please Note: The personal heater is designed for a small room and up to 350 sq ft.)
  • What type of floor is the heater on? Cement, tile and other similar floor types are porous surfaces that can absorb a lot more heat. This will increase the time needed to heat the room.
  • Is the room well insulated? A room with little insulation or many windows will not retain the heat as efficiently.
If the product arrived with one or more damaged items
  • Make sure you keep the original packaging; it will be required for processing damage claims.
  • Make sure to select the check box “Check if this product was damaged during shipping” when you fill out our Service Request Form.
  • Please use the “Comments:” box found on the service request form to describe the damage.
If the product will not turn off
  • Make sure the master power switch/button is set to the “OFF” position.
  • Remember, the fan will continue to run until the heat chambers have cooled down. After a few minutes the fan will shut off automatically.
  • If the fan operates after turning the power off
  • The fan will continue to run until the heat chambers have cooled down. After a few minutes the fan will shut off automatically.
If the product arrived with one or more missing items

Inspect all packaging to make sure the item was not overlooked. Some items are packaged on the sides and/or the bottom of the packaging material.

Please use the “Comments:” box found on the service request form to describe the missing items if you are unable to locate them.

If your Owners Manual or Remote Control are missing, please contact the manufacturer directly at: EdenPURE Service and submit a service request with the manufacturer for a replacement.

If none of the troubleshooting solutions have resolved the issue you are having there is one last step that is called “Resetting the Heater”

Step 1: Turn off the heater.

Step 2: Allow the heater to return to room temperature (The fan will stop running when unit has cooled down enough. If the heater was in a cold environment, allow the heater to warm up for 1-2 hours).

Step 3: Unplug the power for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Remove the filter from the back of the heater by gently depressing the filter cabinet tab(s) and removing the inset filter. (Please be careful not to apply too much force as this can cause the tabs to break).

Step 5: Clean the filter, as specified in the user manual, and allow it to completely dry. Move on to the following steps while the filter is still removed. This will not hurt the heater in any way. (Please note: In our experience, simply cleaning the filter solves a large percentage of problems, since the heater needs good airflow to operate correctly. A clogged filter can cause overheating and unnecessary strain on the heater's fan motor.)

Step 6: While your heater is unplugged, press and hold the POWER button on the heater itself for 30 seconds. (This clears any static build-up that may have formed in the circuitry.)

Step 7: Plug the unit back into the power source and turn it on manually using the front panel of the heater. (DO NOT use the remote control for this step.)

Step 8: Allow the heater to run at your desired comfort level with the filter still removed to ensure maximum airflow.

Step 9: Once the filter is clean and completely dry (remember, you can safely operate the heater without the filter in place to ensure proper drying time), replace the clean filter on the heater and remember to clean it every few weeks.

If the “Resetting the Heater” Process does not resolve your issue, please follow this link to the RMA Form and submit a Service Request Form by clicking here:
RMA - Service Request

Thank you,

Customer Service Department
EdenPURE Heater Outlet